Immersed in the luminous radiance of the Heart Chakra, the energy center that nourishes the body and soul to accept the flow of love. Ethereal yet dramatically vital, it is a sensory articulation of emotion. Like a lover’s hand playfully caressing your skin, Le Deuxième Parfum fuses the spiritual and the physical in an intoxicating embrace that is at once comforting and stimulating.

When engaged, Anahata, the second chakra, unites body, mind and spirit in preparation for unrestricted and complete love. The heart blooms like a fragrant flower with velvet petals stretching toward the sun, yearning for a harmony of passion, devotion and sensuality. Le Deuxième Parfum stimulates the senses with a dynamic balance of seven rare and luxurious accords, blending Peru balsam, bergamot from Calabria, Tunisian orange flower absolute, and ylang ylang from Madagascar to create a magnificent composition that perfectly portrays the joy and elation of discovering a pure and blissful love.

50 ML X $175
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