When our Chakras open and flow together, we are whole. While our ultimate strength lies within ourselves, the power of scent to fuse mind, body and spirit is undeniable. From this inspiration came the challenge of creating a lifestyle brand as intricate layers in an evolving Sacred Universe, unifying the senses to harmonize our physical and spiritual bodies to elicit a blissful and supremely confident whole self.

With a goal to help people navigate the stressful world we exist in now, feel more energized, and reconnect to the Earth, Coolife’s unique fragrant vision goes far beyond skin-deep and transcends mere adornment.

Coolife’s conceptual approach to fragrance is immersed in the legendary history of shamanistic and medicinal uses of aromatic raw materials and essential oils inherited from ancient Egypt, Babylon and India. With The Seven Collection, the first offering in Coolife’s olfactive universe, the parfums are made with luxurious, rare, minimal ingredients sourced meticulously from around the world. Influenced by Tantric and Ayurvedic traditions, Coolife hopes to unleash the vitality of the seven Chakras through the art of fine perfumery and nurture the complete being.


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