As the granddaughter of Marcel and Hélène Rochas, Pauline Rochas grew up steeped in the legacy of the Rochas fashion and fragrance house. She shared a deep connection with her grandmother, who embraced every opportunity to immerse Pauline in the Rochas heritage and philosophy, and the exquisite Rochas fragrances became the springboard that propelled Pauline’s love of scent and her leap into the world of perfumes.

In 2014 Rochas collaborated with Carole Beaupré to conceptualize Le Premier Parfum by Coolife, which would become the first fragrance of The Seven Collection. The Seven Collection displays Rochas’ modern holistic approach to perfumery, and takes inspiration from the seven Chakras of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that harness the vital energy centers through which our lifeforce flows. Fueled by her passionate belief in the power of scent as a means of artistic expression, Rochas has chosen to work with some of the most creative and sought-after perfumers in the world, such as Patricia Choux, Yann Vasnier, and Luca Maffei, and for packaging she tapped internationally-acclaimed creative director Marc Atlan.

Upon the dynamic success of Le Premier Parfum, Coolife went on to create Le Deuxième Parfum, Le Troisième Parfum and Le Quatrième Parfum, and will continue to evolve the line of seven distinct fragrances utilizing an exclusive blend of rare and luxurious ingredients customized for each Chakra. Launched in Fall 2016, Coolife’s latest creation is Le Cinquième Parfum, an aromatic, amber-infused essence laced with precious woods that stimulates the throat Chakra, the primal voice of the body. Le Sixième Parfum will debut in Spring 2017, with Le Septième Parfum to follow in late 2017. With a goal to evoke a many-layered Sacred Universe, unifying the senses to harmonize our physical and spiritual bodies to elicit a blissful whole self, Coolife’s fragrant vision transcends mere adornment to manifest divine anointment.

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